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Dilly Pickled Onion Slices on Punk Domestics

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    I have attempted to share safe preserving methods however you alone are responsible for your health & safety in your own kitchen or location. Be aware of current safety recommendations. Please see "Full Disclaimer" page for suggested preserving resources.

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    International Food Blogger Conference 2011 NOLA

    ~ Blanching ~

    To remove peels and/or set color on fruits or vegetables, it's necessary to blanch them first.

    Blanching is easy if you're organized; it just requires a bit of set-up first.


    You'll need one bowl of ice water and one pot of boiling water.

    Wash fruit first, then drop them in a few at a time...

    ...and watch them closely. You want the water to boil.

    Remember, you're not cooking the fruit, just heating it long enough to loosen the skins.

    Peaches should only be blanched for minute or two.

    Scoop them out of the boiling water one at a time with a slotted spoon...

    ...and drop them into the ice water bath.

    You can let them sit in the ice water bath for a minute or so, until they are cool enough to handle. 

    ...and you'll find the skins practically fall off!

    Peeling fruit is a dream if you blanch it first and it only takes a few minutes start-to-finish.


    By the way, gloves aren't neccesary, but they sure help when you have a big project and your hands are going to be in water for a long time.