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    Pear Chutney, why do I love thee? 


    Pear Chutney 

        I love you because you are so many things, all rolled into one gorgeous colorful little package.

        You are both savory and sweet.  Sometimes, you end up being spicy, too. You're always a touch sassy, which I really like.  One thing is for sure; you never disappoint. You sit there silently in the cool dark cupboard, waiting for me to retrieve you, and you are  always ready, willing & able to do whatever I ask of you.

         You get along so well with others, no matter what the occasion. You happily co-exist with any kind of cheese & crackers, but seem just as happy nestled on the side of my dinner plate -- as an able accompaniment to roasted meats, or as a welcome contrast to a spicy-hot curry dish.

         Who would have thought something so simple to throw together would end up so complex after spending an hour in a preserving pan, 15 minutes in a boiling water bath, and a day (or a year) on the shelf? You're amazing!

         Thank you for always being there for me, when I have to come up with a snack for unexpected company, or I need something to stir into my cream cheese for a bagel, or when I just need a little pick-me-up on an otherwise boring turkey sandwich.

          I will love you forever, and I promise I will never ever take you for granted.

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