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    I'm having my own little Fermentation Festival....

    Sorry for the poor quality of the photo -- taken with my iPhone -- no editing feature :(

    In my last 2 blog posts, I talked about the Portland Fermentation Festival, and how much it inspired me. A few minutes ago, even though I should be making dinner,  I decided to write one more (albeit brief) blog post because my kitchen counter is starting to look like a science project and I want to share it with you.

    (The second fridge has been looking like a science project for awhile, with various crocks and jars full of things, but that's another post for another day.)

    In the photo above, the jars to the left - 1,2 & 3 - are Drinking Vinegars, then Kombucha, and the half-gallon jar is non-dairy Pineapple~Coconut Kefir. 
    I started the Kombucha 6 days ago, the Kefir 2 days ago, and the Drinking Vinegars today.  The beauty of fermenting these fascinating beverages is that they need very little tending from me. In the immortal words of the late great Greta Garbo, the Kefir and Kombucha "vant to be left alone" and the Drinking Vinegars just need stirring once per day; I think I can handle that! 
    As these brews ferment right here on the counter, I can expect to see lots of changes take place, and a few interesting sounds to eminate as well. 
    Before I can drink any of these, they need either filtering / straining, or to be boiled with sugar, depending on the beverage. 
    I anticipate they will all be both delicious AND nutritious. I'll keep you posted on their progress as the days go by.
    (Anf I apologize in advance for any typos. I'm posting both the text and the photo with my iPhone and this process is sort of any experiment as well.)

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