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    Vanilla-infused Rum

    Want a great way to re-use a whole vanilla bean?

    I often add a vanilla bean to my fruit preserves but I only need the intensely flavorful vanilla bean pod for the first step, when macerating the fruit & sugar mixture.

    The vanilla bean is always removed before I ladle preserves into jars, yet the whole vanilla beans always seem to have a lot of life left. 

    Note: When I want to add extra-vanilla-oomph to my jams I split the vanilla beans open and carefully scrape out all of its tiny seeds; in this scenario, I discard the empty vanilla bean pod after scraping.

    So what can you do with a once-used still-intact vanilla bean?

    First rinse the vanilla bean well, then set it aside to dry. Once the vanilla bean is dry, you can use it to impart a lovely vanilla essence in your sugar bowl, or stuff it into a bottle of booze.

    In this case I used dark rum, and in a week or so...


    ...Vanilla-infused Rum.

    Marvelous in Vanilla-Mint Mojitos!

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