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    First of all, I should remind you that if you really want to stay up-to-date on what I'm doing, you should follow my Facebook page. It's called "Learn To Preserve" too. How easy is that?

    I just posted a simple collage of one of this past weekend's fermenation projects, Tepache. 

    Tepache is a fermented
     drink made out of the flesh and rind of pineapples...sweetened with piloncillo (or dark brown sugar), with additional spices like cinnamon, and sometimes beer is added. Tepache does not have a high quantity of alcohol, since it is left to ferment for only a few days. The alcohol comes mostly from the addition of a small amount of beer, the most common way of serving it in Mexico.

    Tepache is commonly sold by street merchants, because the process of creating tepache is simple and quick. Tepache is mostly popular with indigenous population in Mexico.

    The word Tepache originates from the aztec language náhuatl which means "drink made from corn" which was used initially to ferment this drink.

    The ingredients I used for this batch are listed on the handmade label: organic pineapple, organic dark brown sugar and well water. That's it. 

    I took a pic of my 4-day-old Tepache this morning. It was a bit bubbly and very foamy, and looked like it was ready, so I tasted it. Delicioso! Now I need to filter it into bottles and store it in the fridge. What a lovely summer thirst-quencher.

    I  am on a mission to find cheap pineapples.

    Must. Make. More.

     So remember, I post on Learn To Preserve Facebook page every day. Sometimes several times per day. My poor website is a bit neglected, but posting on Facebook only takes a second and it's much simpler.

    I spend so much time on preserving projects (and photographing them.) Once I'm finished with the fun stuff, I barely have time for writing about it.


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