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Dilly Pickled Onion Slices on Punk Domestics

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    I have attempted to share safe preserving methods however you alone are responsible for your health & safety in your own kitchen or location. Be aware of current safety recommendations. Please see "Full Disclaimer" page for suggested preserving resources.

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    International Food Blogger Conference 2011 NOLA


    Canned Pear Hearts

    I never realized until lately how much my Canned Pear Halves resemble hearts. Not perfect hearts, but still...

    Once I noticed it, they all looked a bit like hearts. Granted some of the pear half "hearts" are not like the hearts created by cookie cutters or printed on greeting cards.

    Nope, they aren't all the same, and the majority are far from perfect. Every once in awhile, if you look long enough you'll find the perfect other half. Probably when you are least expecting it. I mean, it probably won't ever be 100% perfect, but isn't that what loving (pears) unconditionally is all about?

    Happy Valentine's Day!


    Ginger, will you be my Valentine?

    Like many people I know, I prefer to avoid restaurants on Valentine's Day. Instead I like to stay home and make something special for my sweetheart.  When I'm trying to decide what to make, I think romance.  

    Romance = spicy + sweet = ginger root.

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    Let's talk about Food Swaps again!

    In her perky article "Food Swaps!", Rebecca Gerendasy of Cooking Up A Story not only wrote about one of my favorite subjects, she included one of her skillfully-made videos outlining how a food swap works. This 3 minute video follows Bethany Rydmark of Sustainable Food For Thought, (along with co-founder Emily Pastor ) on a frolic through a Portland food swap as they show how artisans like food preservers, soap makers and bread bakers exchange homemade goods.

    If this doesn't make you want to start a food swap, I don't know what will!




    Pink Grapefruit Marmalade, Nigella-style

    February is National Grapefruit Month, but February is officially still a week away and I can't wait that long. I'm way too excited about this new method for making Grapefruit Marmalade. This method isn't exactly "new", but it was new to me, and who might be new to you too.

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    Hello Tiny Carrot. You're not alone in this big ol' world.

    For some reason I feel compelled to snap photos of every unusual fruit and vegetable that I find while preserving, like this tiny carrot...

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    Cajun-style Pickled Green Beans & Carrots


    What is it about that colorful city called New Orleans that gets under my skin? I've visited many times, and each time, I fall in love with NOLA all over again.

     For me, New Orleans is an irresistible combination of live music, phenomenal food and rich culture, all set in a place so photogenic that the only time I set my camera down is when I need both hands to eat a Po' Boy sandwich.

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    Canning Pacific NW Albacore Tuna

    I'd heard that even though it takes time, energy and skill, canning tuna yourself is worth every bit of effort. Then last week I found out for's all true! 

    First you need a sharp knife.

    And you'll need people who know what they're doing with a sharp knife in their hand. Preferably people who know the proper way to cut up tuna fish.

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    Pickled Seckel Pears

     Pickled Seckel Pears

     This recipe features one of my favorite preserving methods: a simple technique known as quick pickling. There's no need for processing the jars in big kettles full of boiling water. No valves or gauges or thermometers or timers are involved.

    You'll just need a jar with a tight-fitting lid. It's not necessary to use a Mason-type canning jar or a special sealing lid, as long as you store these Pickled Seckel Pears covered in your refrigerator.

    Start with a tiny Seckel pear


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    Takin' a little break...

    ...from blogging, while I make a few changes. The new year just seems like a good time to give my website a fresh new look. It isn't obvious yet, but I'm laying the groundwork behind the scenes and preparing to reveal some changes soon.

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    Homemade Candied Sour Cherry Opera Fudge

    What a sweet way to finish out the year!

    Candied Sour Cherry Opera Fudge

    Last Fourth of July I was lucky enough to find fresh high-quality sour of my favorite things in the whole world!

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    Another fun photo from our family vacation in Kona: 

    If I ever run a concession truck at the beach, I might have to steal this idea!

    Who doesn't love pickles?


    Shortcut to Quick Pickles, vacation-style

    I can't resist a quick blog post before we head out the door of our sun-drenched condo in Kona and get on the next plane back to Seattle. Brrrr.

    I guess everyone who reads my blog realizes how much the people in my family enjoy pickles. Good thing I like to make 'em.

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