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    Lemony-Ginger Pear Preserves

     I know, it's kind of a mouthful to say:

    "Lemony-Ginger Pear Preserves"

    But it's a mouthful for good reason; these preserves have it all. Layers of flavors and pleasing textures side-by-side in a truly magical combination. 

     The flavors? Pure orchard-fresh pear, plus the sweet-tart goodness of lemons & sugar (think fresh-squeezed lemonade), punched up with the spiciness of ginger root.

    For sturdy texture, start by quartering & coring slightly unripe Bartlett Pears. Think green, not golden, for this recipe.

    And simply run them through a food processor fitted with a shredder blade.


    The results? A satisfying toothiness.


    Especially when combined with chewy bits of chopped crystallized ginger.


    Blended in a preserving pan with fresh organic lemon zest, freshly-squeezed lemon juice and sugar.

    Cooked and gently stirred, just until the sugars create a scintillating syrup and the mixture begins to thicken.

    Just remember, you need to start with fresh green (unripe or barely ripe) Bartlett pears. They should have relatively thin skins but firm tasty flesh.

    No matter what stage your Bartlett Pears are in, be they green or golden, there's a recipe for you at USA Pears or on my Pears page.

    Pears are in season right now and are a bargain compared to most fruits, plus they're well-suited for preserving (not to mention they're fantastic fresh, in salads, or poached, baked or roasted.)

    Whatcha' waiting for? Better get busy!

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